Sustainable Living

Sustainable buildings start with responsible developer practices. Marquee is not only a more conscious lifestyle choice but also a valuable one as you will save on rent and utilities.

Marquee utilizes energy efficient appliances, low flow plumbing fixtures, LED lighting for the whole building and solar panels. The building also has triple glazing windows which keep the temperature comfortable all year round and reduces noise levels from the outside so you can virtually hear nothing. The building is also concrete construction which is very durable and will also block noises from travelling around.

Marquee is proud to be on target to achieve Gold certification for Built Green. Obtaining this meant we had to make hundreds of environmentally conscious decisions and ensure the building reduced its energy footprint by over 40%

Living at Marquee allows you to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle. It’s easy to recycle, walk, bike and carpool to various areas and healthy restaurants nearby.

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